Heritage Mediation training in Vézelay

The beauty of Romanesque art comes as a shock.
It triggers an echo which will be all the more ample
that man will be prepared to receive it and respond to it.
Marie-Madeleine Davy

Training aims

. Training in heritage mediation.

. Know the Romanesque heritage.

. Acquire the ability to support audiences of all ages and from all backgrounds in the discovery of heritage.

. Experiment with an original approach to heritage. See the document “Being a guide at the Visitor's House”.

progress training

The guide in training is accompanied by an experienced guide from the Visitor's House.

. Week 1 and 2 - He receives preparatory training.

. Week 3 - He guides the visit The basilica unveiled with the support of his trainer.

. From the 4st week - He guides the visit independently The basilica unveiled.

Contents training

Preparatory training

. Learning the content of the visit The basilica unveiled (see our site).

. Oral and gestural expression workshops.

. Initiation to the laws of the construction of the abbey of Vézelay.

. Aesthetic, symbolic and spiritual reading of Romanesque sculpture.

Practical experience

. Guide the Discovery Workshop for individual and group visitors.

. Show the film on the great tympanum of the abbey church: “The Dance of the New Adam”.

. Work in co-responsibility with the team of the Visitor's House.

Personalized assessment with tutors

. Regular interviews with permanent guides during the training,

. Oral assessment at the end of the training.

. Written assessment after the training.

To respond to the proposal 

. Have the desire to convey to an audience.

. Preferably have followed or follow a course related to the study, mediation, restoration or creation of heritage: history, art history, architecture, archeology ...

. Take an interest in medieval society.

. Send a cover letter.

. Come and meet the team of the Visitor's House: allow around 48 hours to discover the context.

. Let us know if you have a sufficient command of a second language to welcome and if possible guide.

Reception conditions

Accommodation and half-board paid for by the association if necessary.

Possible gratuity within the framework of an internship agreement with the university or the training institute.

dates: two months minimum, between May and October 2021.


Hélène Ramin: heleneramin@wanadoo.fr

Elisabeth Toulet: elisabethtoulet@wanadoo.fr