The film on the Great Tympanum of the Basilica of Vezelay

"The Danse of the New Adam" : enter into the carved stone of the Great Tympanum of Vézelay. A symbolic journey : poetic, musical, full of meaning, of emotion, of wonder at the heart of this masterpiece of Romanesque art.

Film on the Great Tympanum, the Dance of the New Adam

The Christ of Vezelay is not seated, he is dancing. He does not judge, he welcomes. He is not enthroned in solitude, he dwells among men. Under the impetus of a new energy, men and animals, plants and constellations also begin their dance around this Christ, “New Adam”. Thanks to exceptional photos, this film invites you to slip into the folds of the stone. It makes a universal word vibrate, a universal word that outstanding craftsmen, who have remained anonymous, have been addressing to us since the XNUMXth century. It offers everyone, visitors or pilgrims, adults or children, simple landmarks for in-depth reading, a wonder that suspends the march of time. Sources abound: biblical stories, commentaries by the Fathers of the Church, references to very ancient iconographic traditions. Interpretations abound! But above all, do not say too much and let the work breathe in everyone.

"The Dance of the New Adam", the film on the Great Tympanum of the Basilica is a production of the Visitor's House.

Presentation of the film for France Bleue by Elisabeth Toulet

"Undertaing a film that makes the great tympanum vibrate was a creative adventure that aroused both our enthusiasm and awe, finding ourselves so close to these images carved 900 years ago in anonymity. Thanks to the ways of seeing of three professionals photographers working together, to the enlivening writing of an actress, to a sound track embracing the text as much as the carved reliefs, to the advice of experienced artisans, to the participation of researchers passionate about symbolism and theology, the film came into being. May it update the prophetic vision of the great tympanum, this ancient and ever new Word. " Hélène Ramin.

Practical details

Duration : 52 mins
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