Immersive visit of the Basilica of Vézelay

Experience your visit to the Basilica of Vézelay in two stages: at the Visitor's House then in the Basilica.

basilica of vezelay

… at the Visitor’s House: the Basilica unveiled

Receive the keys for entering into the Romanesque world...

See the extraordinary interplay of light and stone for which the Basilica is famous that can only be seen at certain times of the year. Thanks to the film « In the shadow of light » you can enjoy them on the day of your visit. which are only visible on certain days in the Basilica.

In the symbols room discover the builders’ techniques and know-how, how and why they created a solar temple. with freelance, plan and 3D model.

If you wish to continue in the Basilica without our guide, leave with our road map and Visit the Basilica differently !.

… in the Basilica

Our guide can also accompany you for an immersive visit to the Basilica of Vézelay. You will read with him the famous large tympanum recently restored and one or more sculpted capitals. There are 150!

You will have a sensitive experience of two architectures, Romanesque and Gothic, gathered here in a unique way ...
you will take the time to feel in situ the silence, the space, the light...

Practical details

Duration : 1:15am to 2:00pm
Rates per person :
- The Visitor Centre tour : Adults €10 / groups €9 / 13-24 years old, pilgrims and job seekers €7 / 7-12 years old €6
- Option In the Basilica : €5.00
To groups and scholars dates and times on request.
Contact: + 33 (0) 3 86 32 35 65 -


Opinion on the visit of the Basilica of Vézelay with the Visitor's House

We followed the animation entitled “The basilica unveiled”. Projection of a 20-minute film showing the play of light in the basilica at different times of the year. Then, an exciting oral presentation on the architectural principles that made it possible to build a Romanesque basilica where light marks religious symbols on different Christian holidays. Very didactic and very concrete presentation absolutely fascinating. An excellent preliminary to an “enlightened” visit to the basilica. I highly recommend this high quality presentation.


Unforgettable experience. Not only is the basilica remarkable, but the visit is orchestrated with talent. Do not miss, before or after the visit, the presentation of the model, at the office of the Visitor's House, nor the magic film on the great tympanum. The pleasure of visiting the basilica will be all the greater and your memories richer. In addition, the welcome from the team is very warm; a passionate and exciting team. Thank you all!