School trips for Primary in Vézelay

Teachers, Professors, La Maison du Visitor has set up educational visit days for Primary - CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2 classes.

A tailor-made route that can be chosen at La Maison du Visitor, in the Basilica or both. You will find below some ideas for visits.

At the Visitor's House

Educational visit for CE1 and CE2 students

Duration: about 40 minutes

Landmarks in space and time: the cellar with its models is quite appropriate to a first approach to architecture, each named element is related to their experience of living in a particular place and environment.

The notion of time is induced by the story told to them.

The evocation of artisans and the discovery of their tools to measure allows children to better identify with the gestures of the builders.

In this formula there is no notebook of the visitor.

Indeed, this part presenting simple landmarks to walk by step in the Basilica, will give teachers and other adults specific ways to accompany the discovery of children in the building.

The educational visit for CM1 and CM2 students

Duration : about 50 minutes

The entire contents of the cellar to the models introduced to the discovery of architecture and the symbolism of its spaces. It also invites to be in the history.

Finally, he is an awakening to the question of light and its meaning in the building.

The slideshow that highlights the work of the sculptors and the games of the sun with the stone raises the eyes and prepares students and their companions to walk around the building with landmarks.

In the Basilica

3 possibilities to visit the Basilica for the Primary

  • the teachers accompany their students in the Basilica of Vézelay,
  • the guide (s) of the House accompanies the students in the Basilica of Vézelay according to a route that leaves room for sensitive experience and silence. He encourages personal involvement in the discovery of space and sculpture. Duration : about 45 minutes The Visitor's House is in charge of the reservation of the passage of the group in the Basilica,
  • or each student receives a visitor's notebook to support an active and personal discovery of the Basilica, helped by the teacher. The visitor's notebook includes a circuit plan of the interior of the place, a questionnaire that accompanies the journey through the building, a marquee to discover, a space to draw or write. The notebook, very suitable for CM1 and CM2 students, also serves as a support for discussion between students and teachers after the visit.

Before or after the visit

  • Before the visit at the Visitor's House students begin their discovery of Vézelay by a historic march along the ramparts on the road to Compostela then enter the medieval city via the fortified “new door” with the guide (s) of the House. Duration : about 40 mins.
  • After the visit students experience to draw in the basilica. This proposal is possible for CM1 and CM2. Duration : about 2h.


  • The visit to the Visitor's House: 6 € / pers.
  • The journey through the Basilica: € 5 / pers.
  • The historic walk: 6 € / pers.
  • The Regard workshop: € 8 / pers.


Dates and times on request. Minimum package of 90 €
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To consult our proposals of day: The House of the Visitor for the Primary