High School Students and Students in Vézelay

Whether they are high school students or students, thetoday's world of young people, often saturated with images and noises, leaves little room for silence, interiority, coherence.

In this sense, the discovery of Vézelay is a privileged experience which predisposes everyone to the recognition of universal laws which are rooted in the experience of being a man, to become it fully.

Discover below our proposals dedicated to High School Students

High School Students and Students at the Visitor's House - duration 1h15

Duration 1h15

Stop on the way to the Basilica of Vézelay to understand why this high place is so exceptional through a film and a workshop led by our guides, a discovery of the art and the secrets of the builders who erected the basilica over 900 years ago ...

The film

In the projection room, " In the shadow of the Light Reveals through architecture and sculpture the exceptional encounter between stone and light.


A model reproduces the course of the sun on the basilica of Vézelay and allows to appreciate how, and why, the monks builders created plays of light inside the abbey church.
The commented reading of the Vézelay basilica plan offers historical, technical and symbolic references that help to walk in this stone vessel.
Titles reproduced within sight of you invite to read the carved images in their original context and listen to their timeless messages.

In the Basilica

Following the visit to the Visitor's House

  • or,  le(S)  (S) of the House accompany young people in the Basilica of Vézelay according to a route that leaves room for sensitive experience and silence. He encourages personal involvement in the discovery of space and sculpture. Duration: about 45 minutes The Visitor's House takes care of the reservation of the passage of the group in the Basilica,
  • or,   the teachers accompany their young people in the Basilique de Vézelay.

Before or after the visit

Several options can be organized around the visit which complement and enrich the experience of young people ...

  • before: Historical Walks - Duration 1h45. Walk in the footsteps of pilgrims by evoking the great figures of the history of this medieval city. A way to make contact with the place in a lively and natural way. The historic march in the footsteps of pilgrims
  • after: Drawing in the Basilica : the Art of Seeing - Duration 2h15. Preparation for the Visitor's House then in the Basilica, pencils in hand, go to meet the builders and let yourself be inspired by the beautiful work. Drawing in the Basilica : the Art of Seeing
  • after: Reading Sculpted Capitals in the Basilica - Duration 2h15. What are these stones still telling us in the Basilica to us in the XXIe century? A reading to make links to the present and enlighten those who want to go further. Reading Sculpted Capitals in the Basilica
  • after: The Word Workshop - Duration 1h30
    Every young person is invited to express orally in front of others the fruit of his arrival in Vézelay. Prior to his intervention, a preparation is proposed to him through the theatrical experience, to discover the requirement of a word that has authority.

Practical details

Prices :
The visit to the Visitor's House: 7 € / pers.
The journey through the Basilica: € 5 / pers.
The historic walk: 7 € / pers.
The Regard workshop: € 8 / pers.
The marquee reading workshop: € 8 / pers.
The floor workshop: 6 € / pers.


Dates and times on request. Minimum package of 90 €
Contact: + 33 (0) 3 86 32 35 65 - maisonduvisiteur@orange.fr

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