School trips for secondary school students in Vézelay

For secondary school students, especially the 5th year classes who have the medieval world on the program for the year, the visit to Vézelay is particularly instructive.

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At the Visitor's House

Primary Historical Walk

A time to see better, to marvel

Duration : 35 mn

After passing through the symbolic door, the guide introduces the students to the world of Vézelay in the projection room. The audiovisual “In the shadow of the light” awakens the gaze and the sensitivity that predisposes the student to appreciate the work of builders.

A time to understand

Duration : 35 mn
In the cellar, the guide as a “project manager” presents the work of the builders:
. A large format plan of the basilica makes it possible to understand the role and meaning of spaces as well as the steps and techniques of construction.
. A model of 1,20 m long and a play of lighting restoring the annual trajectory of the sun above the basilica, allows to introduce the pupils to the symbolic approach of the light and to understand the importance that the builders have him allowed.
. Marquees within reach are the means to enter together into a story and its interpretations.

In the Basilica

  • be the(S)  (S) of the House accompanies(nt) students in the Basilique de Vézelay according to a route that leaves room for sensitive experience and silence. He encourages personal involvement in the discovery of space and sculpture. Duration: about 45 minutesThe Visitor's House is responsible for the reservation of the group's visit to the basilica.
  • either each student receives a visitor's notebook to support an active and personal discovery of the Basilica de Vézelay, helped by their teachers. The visitor's notebook includes a circuit plan of the interior of the place, a questionnaire that accompanies the journey through the building, a marquee to discover, a space to draw or write. The notebook also serves as a support for the exchange between students and teachers after the visit,
  • or,  the teachers accompany their pupils in the Basilica of Vézelay.

Before or after the visit

  • before: Historical Walks
    Walk in the footsteps of pilgrims by evoking the great figures of the history of this medieval city. A way to make contact with the place in a lively and natural way. The historic march in the footsteps of pilgrims
  • after: Drawing in the Basilica : the Art of Seeing
    Preparation for the Visitor's House then in the Basilica, pencils in hand, go to meet the builders and let yourself be inspired by the beautiful work. Drawing in the Basilica : the Art of Seeing

Practical details

Prices :
The visit to the Visitor's House: 7 € / pers.
The journey through the Basilica: € 5 / pers.
The historic walk: 7 € / pers.
The Regard workshop: € 8 / pers.
The marquee reading workshop: € 8 / pers.


Dates and times on request. Minimum package of 90 €
Contact: + 33 (0) 3 86 32 35 65 -

Consult our proposals of day: The House of the Visitor for the Colleges