In the Basilica of Vézelay

In the Basilica

Come walk with us in the Basilica

The Visitor's House does not offer classic tours!

Accompanied by our guide, you will take the time to see what you are looking at, you will experience the two architectures, Romanesque and Gothic, gathered here in a unique way ...

An invitation to silence, to observation, to a personal apprehension of space and sculpture.

In practice

It is necessary to follow "the Basilica unveiled"In advance
Teachers, check out our dedicated page : Schoolchildren in Vézelay: "a heritage to live".
Duration : 45 min to 1h
Price : 4 € 50 per person
The Visitor's House takes care of the settlement with the Basilica.
For school groups
Up to the class of 5eme, a " visitor's notebook Is given to each student. Designed to help him get personally involved in the visit of the Basilica, it includes a plan-circuit, a questionnaire, a marquee to discover and a space to draw or write. It is also a support for valuable exchanges between teachers and students after the visit.
Price : 1 € 20 the unit


For For individuals, the Visitor's House offers guided tours once a month. Dates and times are published on our facebook page. Outside these dates, the roadmap surrender at the end of La Basilica unveiled will help you walk alone in the Basilica.
For groups and school, dates and times on request. Minimum package of 60 €
Contact: + 33 (0) 3 86 32 35 65 -

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