Building with light, the basilica of Vézelay

A visit to know and understand the construction techniques of craftsmen.

Building with light

Discover the steps of building a church and the gestures of the craftsmen with the tools they used: 13 rope knots, gnomon, false square ...!

How is there 900 years have men built with light? Other civilizations have done it before them. The Building with Light workshop brings our attention and our admiration to these medieval builders who have left us remarkable testimonies of this art of building as in Vézelay.

How did they manage to create paths of light that appear on the ground or on the sculptures throughout the year at the rate of the holidays and the seasons?

During the workshop, experience solar observation, that of the first plots in the field, the choice of volumes and openings which allow the sun to play with the stone.

Visit of the visit Building with the Light

In the workshop

Be part of a team of craftsmen who have been ordered for thea construction of a monastery church just after the year 1000.

Forget your tablets your watches to trust the solar time, your observation skills and your hands!

1 Being in space, cosmic dimension : Evolve with one hand a sketch table, to make specific drawings, (model experiments) and understand the location of solar radiation in order to orient the building.

2 The first plots: outline of the plan, the laws of harmony : make traces on the ground of the future building as if we were on the ground.

3 Designing Paths of Light

Practical details

Duration 1h15
Rates per person :
Adults 10 € / Group 9 € / 13-24 years old, pilgrims, job seekers 7 € / 7-12 years 6 €


Visits open to all will resume in the spring: see calendar below from February 2020.
For groups and scholars, dates and times on request. Minimum package 90 €
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