Find here all the appointments, activities of the Visitor's House and book, at the bottom of the page, your places for "the unveiled Basilica", the film sessions on the big tympanum and the winter solstice tours in one click!

For other activities of The Visitor's House and to book outside these dates, and for groups, please contact us

Nour last quarter agenda :

Until November 2, every day except Wednesdays and Sundays, at the Visitor's House:
The Basilica unveiled to 10h30, 11h, 14h30, and 15h
- Screening of the film made by the House of the Visitor on the great tympanum of the Basilica: "The New Adam Dance"at 17h

In Paris, Saturday 12 October, 19h30 : "The Dance of New Adam" is presented at Forum 104 (104 rue de Vaugirard Paris 6st, Montparnasse Bienvenüe). Details below and as an attachment. The projection of 52 mn will be followed by an exchange around Burgundy flavors!

30 November & 1erDecember : read the sculpted capitals of Vézelay in the light of contemporary writings of the 12st century. This session is open to those who wish to deepen the Romance symbolism.

It will be hosted by the Visitor's House and Jean-Louis Walther, a great friend, Swiss Polytechnic engineer, self-taught medievalist internationally recognized in the field of medieval iconography (contact us for more details).

Winter solstice tours : 14 & 21 december, from 28 december to 4 january (except 29 & 1er)

Workshops Reading Marquees : 15, 22 and 29 december