The Discovery Workshop - the Basilica unveiled

Prepare or complete your visit to Vezelay's Basilica

The Basilica of Vézelay unveiled

At the top of the hill, the Basilica of Vézelay is an architecture of light. How can one enter this universe of harmony and perceive its laws?

Thanks to a model of the basilica, be a witness to the play of light with the stonework that takes place four times a year: you will understand why the builders have attached so much importance to sunlight. You will be able to view their plan, the master builder's measuring stick ... And in the projection room, the sequences of the film "In the shadow of the Light" will reveal to you, whatever day you visit, a unique dialogue between sun and stone.

The symbols room

Design : Visitor's House. Model of the basilica: Marcel Monnier. The builders' tools : Patrice Meyer. Scenography Ateliers des Forges.

In the symbols room,

  • Familiarize yourself with the know-how and et the vision of the monk builders : discover the course of the sun and the play of light thanks to a 3 D model, the link between the plan of the Basilica and the human body, between “the freelance” (measuring tool) and the harmony of the volumes,
  • Learn to read a marquee: there are over 150 in the Basilica!
  • Leave with our roadmap and enjoy visiting the Basilica differently.

The film "In the shadow of the Light"

Creation by the Visitor Center Photos Philippe Brame. Music Jorge MilchbergBertrand Boss ... Production Ateliers des Forges.

In the projection room, with the film "In the shadow of the Light",

  • see for yourself the famous interplay between light and stone that is visible only on certain days in the Basilica.
  • be able to see close up the details and the beauty of the sculpture.

Practical details

Duration 1h15
Rates per person :
Adults: € 9, ages 13-24: € 7, ages 6-12: € 5
Groups: adults: € 8, school groups: € 6. primary: 4 €


Visits open to all: see calendar below.
For groups and scholars dates and times on request, minimum package 90 €
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